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  • Missing the point of balance in planning

Planning excesses

March 2004

  • Qango’s flourish while rural land burns

See http://nimbyism


  • What you can do to ensure better land use

What you can do


  • Whose responsible for current rural resistance to planning ?

Whose responsible



Our choices in N Parks

October 2003

  • Will Labor change the legislation on what a National Park is again?

Point Nepean


  • What Labor have to decide?

Just how long can they tolerate incompetence?


  • What VEAC have to decide about the Otways ?

Whose backyard are they locking up + why? Any nimbys around?


  • Forest &Fire –the latest

Forest & Fire   Website


  • Forest &Fire expert 4

Timber Harvesting


  • Forest &Fire expert 3



  • Forest &Fire expert 2 CSIRO



  • Forest &Fire expert 1 Vic fire


July 2003

  • Open Letter to Victorian Ministers

 Form letter


  • Why a huge Otways National park is not  a sensible idea

 Questions answered



  • Our Parks submission




  • “Big National Parks aren’t working”

The Age  29th Mar

What you can do









  • “The people speak out “


News SW Victoria
























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  • Flaming Parks – the Neighbours from Hell


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