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The majority can be wrong.  Its OK for you too to admit you were wrong.


“Don’t fear their anger or anxiety , even when they are adamant they are so right they might beat Hitler to the podium. We can all change our minds when we calm down and face more facts”.


Update January 30th 2003. (After Australia’s Capital Canberra has a massive burnt out)


Many Australians will change their minds about the details of “big political fixed agendas” when they realize, as keen conservationists themselves, that they are not, for one thing, now small picture preservationists; thereby tipping the balance on the “black n white” green agendas.  The media and some leaders haven’t always been presenting the big picture. Only when the people move, or when nature bites and we learn , will some leaders follow. 



We and our governments are expected to act with the bigger picture in mind. Sooner or later, we hope that will happen. Rural people, despite knowing nature’s cycles and acting early as a matter of life or death , have for too long had to bear the brunt of carelessly imposed quick fix imperatives that act too late, cost too much tax and don’t work in the complex real world outside cities . I hope for both for our country and the custodian’s sake that deeper, cheaper and more dynamic environmental management policies will come sooner rather than later.