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 Open letter to The Victorian Parliament

The Honourable John Thwaites,

Minister for the Environment 


Re Why allow the nonsense and confusion to continue?


Dear Mary,

I feel sure you are aware that many rural Victorians feel very aggrieved at incomplete and misleading representation of environmental issues.

The resultant unjust and shortsighted imperatives affect:

·        their rights to custody and use of their and our land

·        their ability to maintain sound livelihoods, and

·        their ability to properly manage risks that can adversely affect a wide range of citizens and the practical sustainable use of resources.

The very serious matter of more ongoing unreasonable action against them is my reason for writing to you. 

A few questions:


We call on you to stop all VEAC inquiries, insist on keeping all agreements( e.g. RFA), and find a more robust means of sound  environmental planning before your government loses its credibility about being able to act  with the big picture always in mind. 



Many of us are not prepared to let this injustice and threatening go on for years. We hope you aren’t either.

If you have any personal questions, I would be happy to address them over these complex matters.

I would also be grateful if you would acknowledge my letter and provide some answers.


Yours faithfully,



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