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About Us   

Thank you for your interest.

We are a mixed group of land custodians and scientific observers who have banded together to resist the ongoing disease of  carelessly imposed environmental management imperatives on rural people.


Why “Our Land” ? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

Not at all - we as countries and communities don’t have an option but to work with and rely on “custodians” . The options put forward by some ill-informed people who would “ leave it all to nature “ are impractical and unworkable . The agenda is still act local till you can truly think and then act globally.

While we clearly recognize that not one of us actually “own the land “and its many associated natural resources, the essential role of custodianship is being undermined by a lot of careless talk . It is impractical and unrealistic to assume land does not need custodians . This is the mistake many are making in their rush to try and change areas where we still should change land use in the long term . 


We accept that some land use changes are required and that big picture sustainability must rule . However, we disagree with the way this process is being managed at the moment . We disagree with how risk is being estimated and with the resulting exaggeration and bleeding  in the wrong places –very poor targeting. Media hype and quick fix politics for one !The very antithesis of good conservation – more short term gains and more long term pain – no outcomes really worth noting !

We assert , as a starting point, that cutting edge conservation requires careful surgery . Effective surgery implies skill in cutting and context . A lot of conservation cutting is being done with minimal skill that hurts rather than helps and heals .  Custodians don’t do everything right ,so the community needs someone to work with them ( the question is who and how)  We reject the quick fix approach of many which assumes a government officer ,or his paper policy ,can best replace a custodian or those who can administer justice on our behalf . (what with policemen parading boundaries ?) The implications for more nimby nonsense if we keep going down the current inefficient and ineffective paths are truly staggering.


Join in the discussion and bookmark the websites :



*      Talking to others about what shade of green you are,  and where you want the country to be in ten years.

*      Support your leaders to train and  keep environmental health practitioners in the bush  .

*      Help them,  and you ,find ways to stay out of court

*      Learn more about your own backyard   about injustice and indifference and its costs see

*      Learn why natural disasters happen and what You can do to help others avoid them   Forest&Fire   see FIRE comments in media releases.

*      Be cautious about persons seeking to rule others backyards  , more on this story coming    Sheepish behaviour

*      Use our petitions and letters

*      Revisit this site soon ( we are still struggling to  talk as well as write )

*      Join the blog groups    Cutting Edge Conservation , Nimbyism , ABCreporting (daily) ,

*      Let us know what you are doing for the big picture discussion

*      Tell us about sites organizations and other LINKS


Our Land and Subs (eg Our Parks) are “grassroots” movements . We believe , despite the quick fix hype in so many info areas ,that the silent majority can do something  when things are out of control and the balance is wrong for the long term .

We fully support democratic process, but we don’t expect governments and business to do everything: Together is the theme.

We believe in the power of the word  and the power of people who study and otherwise have their feet on the ground . We believe, therefore, in the practical and reliable sustainability for our world that comes out of the process of listening, thinking, reacting , reflecting , reversing , learning, repenting, and  respecting before acting.   This is what natural system elements  do well  - respond to each other .

We are hopefully willing to see both sides .We remain positive about the future believing that man’s capacity for evil makes democracy necessary, while  man’s capacity for good makes democracy , sound growth and response possible .



Our Land     ©Ourland 2003 


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