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25th March 2003


The Secretary



Dear local representatives of the people,                  


The following list of resolutions of an large open public meeting in Colac on Thursday 20th March are being addressed to you because that meeting sought to engage your interest and support in matters regarded as of considerable concern to many rural Victorians, in particular. (See Resolution 8)


All of the following listed resolutions were passed overwhelmingly at a public meeting where most of  the 140 citizens voted.  The intention of the local interested persons who organised the meeting was to open up debate on the proposal to deny many existing multiple uses and create a very large National park over the Otways.  

Over 8 panel members from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints were asked to speak.   You and your representative body members and supporters are encouraged to consider supporting the resolutions and the petitions also launched at that meeting. The petitions, agenda details, park implications and environment assessment tables and further information are available from our website or by contacting  Thank you for reading this . .


“This meeting resolves that the State government should:

1.      Rescind its decision to impose a non-use policy on all state forest reserves.

2.      Recognise that we are fed up with the distorting influence of ill-informed green zealots on your decisions.

3.      Manage reserves and access properly. This meeting totally rejects the government’s standard of management of its existing parks/reserves.

4.      Not extend the existing National Parks and manage all public land for sustainable multiple and diverse uses.

5.      Find a more sustainable way to keep roads and access open.

6.      This meeting also resolves to express its deep frustration at Government’s failure to properly support and respect the wisdom of the highly qualified citizens who use  and manage our natural heritage.(The word “study” was left out by mistake in final copy)

7.      This meeting rejects the assumption that the cost-benefit of the proposed closures to the tax payers of Victoria is reasonable (i.e. does not meet the triple bottom line).

8.      This meeting moves that copies of all the resolutions passed be forwarded to local government and other interested bodies within the region.


Issued by John Modra - ass Secretary    25th March 2003



Note for Council members: Nearly all of the local Colac Otway Shire Council members and several adjoining Council representatives attended the meeting. A wide range of viewpoints were put forward. (See agenda)  A  council member whose election platform was to stop logging declined the offer to speak for 10 minutes (1of up to 8 on the panel) even though his role on the community forum under the VEAC inquiry into the Park is apparently established.  For more information on Council issues Contact the Shire of Colac Otway 52329458 .


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