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Petitions and Letters   

Thank you for your interest.

Our land and Sub’s (eg Our Parks) are “grassroots” movements . We believe , despite the quick fix hype in so many info areas, that the silent majority can do something  when things are out of control and the balance is all wrong for the long term .

We fully support democratic process, but we don’t expect governments and business to do everything: Together the theme.


We believe in the power of the word  and the power of people who study and otherwise have their feet on the ground . We believe, therefore, in the practical and reliable sustainability for our world that comes out of the process of listening, thinking, reacting , reflecting , reversing , learning, repenting, and  respecting before acting.  

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Discuss the issues with others.

Get them to sign

Lodge the petition  with YOUR  Local Member  whatever shade of green he/she  appears to be

“A Big National Park for the Otways –

a “BIG “win for the museum bound preservationists ( Short term viewers) but a big Long term Loss for conservation and sound common sense loss for the people and management of natural resources. This inadequate way of managing(or not managing might be more accurate) our public resources could affect you  if it goes ahead in SW Victoria

Petition 1


The Age  29th Mar






“Right to Farm” legislation is not the answer But there is a deep problem out here and its not going  to go away unless politicians  and the public take a new view.

Rural custodians are failing to get justice – process is unnecessarily too costly and too unreliable!

*      Justice can be got at moderate cost

*    Act now and turn the rhetoric about helping rural people into reality .  City folks -please tell your reps you don’t believe half the quick fix guff on TV .  Ask for more info

Petition 2




Glass half full letters

“Sorry mate , my dog says I can pick up its dung  if it gets him to experience the countryside “


New  Not posted yet 

The waste that  comes from aiming at moving targets

“I know what your policy is, but when ,where, how and by whom  are you going to implement it ” 

New -  revisit in a day or two





The majority can be wrong






Holocaust lessons






“Fine Ideas - Faulty Implementation”





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