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A forum for Effective Framing Of Rural Conservation Effort.

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Cut and paste  our news items and send them to people you know who want to help develop better long term rural conservation whether where you are or overseas..  Click on media releases.

Our mission
Eforce“ was started  in Australia in 2003 to provide people who are not sure what to believe about how we should spend the environmental dollar but would want to make it count .Supporters come from a wide range of environmental observers who want a thoroughly balanced, big picture discussion of environmental and biodiversity imperatives in the genuine long term interests of our heritage in,  soils ,water , flora, fauna and people.

We do this by providing  for competence and questions and by publishing proven case studies and examples .

Eforce has been established partly because e while much green effort is well intentioned it can be very  peorrly targete d and actall y work against the heritagesbest inetesest and harm people who sekkto mange land well . “Our Land “ members  are capable  down to earth specialists their own fields of understanding  and risk management in the complex and dynamic   world  of fire, flood ,and complex soil , plant and animal interrelations.  Our members are very well trained and must be capable of proven ability to anticipate many of the impacts to the environment of which they speak.  Even so, our members and supporters do not  have to have had  a formal education . Please feel free to contact us for more information.




·         Wilderness parks work where?

·         Fire and forest management

·         How to really care  for the environment


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Government , Individual or Group action?
What’s the most effective mix to get sustainability ?

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