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 Our Backyard    

Until we get this page working, (its going to be very good!)    here is a bit of  a test


Do all your favourite wonderful patches of earth on this planet have  the following:

*      Linear elements that  turn out to be curved /or precipitous near the boundaries

*      Full of Action and planning imperatives that force you to make decisions about risk

















Thank you for your interest.


*      Talk to others about what shade of green you are,  and where you want the country to be in ten years.

*      Learn more about your own backyard   see LINKS coming

*      Learn why natural disasters happen and what You can do to help others avoid them   (coming soon)

*      Be cautious about persons seeking to rule others backyards  , more on this story coming

*      Use our petitions and letters

*      Revisit this site soon ( we are struggling to  talk as well as write )

*      Let us know what you are doing for the big picture discussion

*      Tell us about sites organisations and other LINKS


Our land and Subs (eg Our Parks) are “grassroots” movements . We believe , despite the quick fix hype in so many info areas ,that the silent majority can do something  when things are out of control and the balance is all wrong for the long term .

We fully support democratic process, but we don’t expect governments and business to do everything: Together the theme.

We believe in the power of the word  and the power of people who study and otherwise have their feet on the ground . We believe, therefore, in the practical and reliable sustainability for our world that comes out of the process of listening, thinking, reacting , reflecting , reversing , learning, repenting, and  respecting before acting.   


Our Land     ©Ourland 2003  


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