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Water conservation waste


Tasmanians lost in the environmental forest






Working with Nature  
Custody, Science and Care  

A big “goodday” to you from Australians who live and work with the land. Since 2002


Get some answers here !

Is this a “I in 1000” or a  “1 in a100 yr “drought ( Australia 2006)?


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Ways to avoid  Environmental Impact Statements  that go nowhere and cost you or your State leaders --------the earth


Ways to avoid the fear mongering   




What not to do (even though its very common in the audience) ------- neither panic or patronize . 

Scientist’s don’t ---polys and media do !

Hopefully we will do neither here.

We don’t panic ever  ,,,,,,………………we plan and a few of us even pray …( that’s what we are good at!)


Q  Why have “the salt of the earth” suddenly become the scourge of the earth? Our view


The Murray Darling Basin MDB and salinity

How much land will become salinized in next 1000yrs if we keep irrigating and planning water use the way we do now ?

Not much,  BUT only provided irrigation is not “as of right” and scientists,  NOT shareholders adjudicate.    



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Our mission
”Our Land “ supporters come from a wide range of environmental observers who want a thoroughly balanced, big picture discussion of environmental and biodiversity imperatives in the genuine long term interests of our herit
age in,  soils ,water , flora, fauna and people. 

“Our Land “ members  are capable  down to earth specialists their own fields of understanding  and risk management in the complex and dynamic   world  of fire, flood ,and complex soil , plant and animal interrelations.  Our members are very well trained and must be capable of proven ability to anticipate many of the impacts to the environment of which they speak.  Even so, our members and supporters do not have to have had  a formal education . Please feel free to contact us for more information.




Please advise us of any errors or lack of clarity in the content.







Are you are conservationist or a preservationist?


Who are the real conservationists ?


Does everyone exaggerate the risks and the benefits making any reasoned debate impossible ?


What can rural people do?

What can young  and city people aim to do?

NEW     Will the ambition of governments to get “ bigger wins” in the environment  go anywhere?  eg The Wentworth group.   Why or why not ?   Join in the discussion on cuttingedgeconservation.

Do you know what fanaticism is, and why it’s common?



Make yourself a much more effective person. Help make other land custodians and environmentalists more effective.

  • Understand how biological  and earth systems and cycles work over time.
  • Support custodians and ecologists by book marking this site
  • Learn about risk management
  • Don't be sidelined by the complexity of issues , or the blind ignorance or exaggerations of others.
  • Join groups and movements to ensure competence-  resist quackery and quick fix

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·         http:/    ( advisory issues)

·    ( Try and see the other side )

·         http:/ ( how governments are not helping)