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 Otway options


November 29/30 tours



·        The Otway fly

What to see?

·        Waterfalls 

v     Recent volcanoes


What to experience?

-Wettest place in Victoria

-Festivals, Rugged coast

- Twelve Apostles


What to listen to ? 

-Otway FM  104.7



New National Park.

Some Options(1-5)

O1 Add bits

O2 Link1 Southern

O3 Link2 Southern

O4 Some water catchments

O5 Most water catchments


More on Parks ,Reserves and Conservation

-Existing diversity  D1,D2,D3

-Future Directions  

-What VEAC DP says

-What others say?


-Why most experienced students and managers of biodiversity disagree with the Government and VEAC .

- do you think VEAC DP report is adequate to make a sound decision ?

- More info





To discuss on line





The Otways   Welcome     Questions?

Up to date information on 29/30 November weekend at .


November 29/30 represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to meet with the most experienced ,well trained Victorians in biodiversity and sustainability; Those who know the local biodiversity ,sustainability and water catchment impacts in the area . Here how they feel about the very best way future generations can protect our natural resources - to ensure those impacts will not be of practical concern to future generations of Victorians .     Clue:  they are not young, but they do know their territory.  Click here


The new Otway tree walk is shown approximately as a red dot on the map. The quickest way to get there is to go along the Princes highway to Colac , stop on the first hill in Colac( red light there),turn left and when you can’t go any further ( top of another hill -Otway divide ) then left again . Signs .  40mins south of Colac            Óourland   

Tune into Otway FM for local music  and news 104.7 FM in Colac and 99.1FM in the Otways

also 88.1FM  




Watch this space for more News on Otways Options.


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