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New National Park.

Some Options(1-5)

O1 Add bits

O2 Link1 Southern

O3 Link2 Southern

O4 Some Water supply

O5 Most existing reserves


More on Parks ,Reserves and Conservation

-Existing diversity  D1,D2,D3

-Future Directions  

-What VEAC DP says

-What others say?


-Most experienced students and managers of biodiversity question the Government and VEAC .

- do you think the VEAC DP report is adequate to  make a sound decision ?

- More info





To discuss on line






O5   All Water catchments included   

The light green  areas would be National Park


Join Detailed discussion at  :

Our Parks are concerned that discussion of the issues and options in VEAC DP is inadequate.  5 options are put forward so that  a proper discussion of the issues  can at least start in the two months allowed .They are in no way final or supported options. Just to improve discussion and consideration of issues . Please advise us of errors.  Óourland


v   Much of the biodiversity in the Otways would still be outside the lgreen areas .

v   What then is the biodiversity logic in VEAC’s report?

v   Is agriculture a threatening process  to BD and sustainable development?  

v   Can /does VEAC really cover the essential issues of BD and SD for the Otways n its report?

v   Where are the high priority areas for change in land management?

v   Where ,why  and what are non sustainable land uses ?

v   Where are the biggest threats to biodiversity protection?

v   Are we talking real on ground management here or more management vehicles and structures?

v   If  risks exist around the new boundaries , where are they and how would you  manage them  ?

v     Is not private land use discussion critical to good biodiversity outcomes for the Otways ? Why then lock up most of it and still only get a small outcome?





Watch this space for more News on Otways Options .