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In the News          "Crops in NW Victoria looking good,lots of tillers to fill though " - Great news from Harolds September Update.                                                        


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·        "Water for fishes appeasing river gods"?  Andrew Bolt Herald Sun  28jul

The point being: many people who don’t claim to have a  need to worship behave as though they do

·        By the same author “Hitler Green guru “


·        “Clerical errors “- “naïve church leaders standing on closed bibles to talk” Herald Sun 1st Sept 


Andrew Bolts website,5442,dhs_andrewbolt%5ETEXT%5Eheraldsun,00.html


----quote from one of the group reflecting on the truth that “naïve church leaders standing on closed bibles to talk” risk will find the only way to use that book is to stand under it .   What a testimony to the power ,stability and breadth of wisdom of that old Message to us .  Its speaks directly and profoundly to every generations dilemmas, even though many ignore it and seek to add something extra that they think is clearer, brighter , and more uptodate.   


Personally , I don’t  mind being accused of being behind the times – As a uptodate scientist, land custodian and believer , at least I don’t get sucked in to the mad merrygo round of quick fixes and empty promises of those who believe in common sense and progress” .” If its common sense its not very common”   I’m so far behind , I’m actually infront.   



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