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Things to do around the House




How effective is sullage water ?


Sullage water ( from every person ) can be expected to water 3- 6 squares metres in a hot dry week --more in cooler weather .


Waste water ( sullage) means water from Kitchen , Shower , Laundry ONLY

Check details with excel sheet irrexe.xls


*   For dry season  use only

*   Note soil infiltration rates are generally very low so use larger “store value” hard plastic soakage pipes is advised .


*   Southern Australian areas only


When water is in very short supply (The following less obvious techniques are amongst the most effective in reducing demand)


*   Switch the shower off when using shampoo


*   Use low water use washing machines/cycles.

*   Divert shower and sullage water to the garden (or suitable storage)

*   If its yellow, let it mellow?