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Things to do around the garden

Many restrictions NOW limit watering to hand held equipment

---This page is about how to do Handwatering best ---





So how much water should one expect to use on a square metre of growing plants (cf others)  in a hot dry week ?  Amazingly its often around 10mm a day. So how do you achieve that?  

You do it by watering daily in hot weather in the evening and by returning to same areas several times ( soil infiltration rates are generally very low )

How long will that take? Add up the square metres of growing plants you want to look after and multiply that by 5 for the hot weeks --- in minutes  ( assuming a normal hose )


5 minutes per sq metre per week of hot dry weather

This is the maximum likely . Guide only . As daily patterns vary this rate should be seen as at the high end of weekly patterns when humidity is low   

Australian temperate climate areas only

Check these figures for your area by asking for our spreadsheet calculator and raingauge monitor .

When water is in very short supply (The following less obvious techniques are amongst the most effective in reducing evaporation and increasing growing plant survival --when hand watering with a hose.)


*   Give the plants the right amount of water

      Use the calculator

*   Allow enough time and do it regularly

*   Walking and waving prevents waste

*   Use a fine shower rose

 For More Info  ---- mreforce