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Things to do around the farm




Pumping dams to dam  

This can be costly….. so when will this idea work?

When you have one or 2 deeper containers and

most of your water is less than 1metre deep at the start of the dry season ; You probably will have to contain stock  or water them away anyway  .

Remember water pumping is cheap and the walls of all your dams are mostly shallow water. Carting water is expensive. One truckload could cost as much as all your pumping !

“Once its all  in one” you can consider water harvesting.


Australian temperate climate areas only


When water is in very short supply (The following less obvious techniques are amongst the most effective in reducing evaporation and increasing runoff use after a storm  )


*   Put reflective solar blanket on big open tanks ( no grants yet!)


*   Cut down to clay /a sharp new drain to  road formation edge/ clear steep clay bank

*   Excavate deep trenches in the base of critically shallow dams ;consider fencing.