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Splashing out in a drought          ©                      


News commentary from the Sage  (posted 29th January  2007 )


The Prime Minister announces a grand new water  plan  




RE     That new big bucket with holes


Dear members of the parliamentary team,


I am sorry to have to remind you of things I hoped you would have acted on earlier.


LABOR could well gazump you at the next election because your Party and the Nats have not been interested in supporting independent voices on the subject of water and resource conservation,  and probably as a consequence,  have not given any quality control to the self evidently blinkered brilliance and false confidence of  Mr Turnbull.  


Your policies could reflect sound scientific and planning advice on sustainable change and risk management science – they don’t at present:  Your policies on land use planning are more like desperate gift giving and reactionary medicine.


For whatever reason you have allowed last week’s splash to occur in a birdbath.  


*      Time you had a talk to each other about whether the environment is a just a token thing or a very tough beast you need to take much, much more seriously.

*      Time to talk to each other about whether you will go into history telling Australians that we can engineer our way out of everything.


You have treated a very complex issue as if it is something simple and thereby risk completely, conservative credibility on matters of planning, environment and sound social policy .   


You need to also get serious about city, bureau and media centric simplicities that are all being imposed on rural people.     Copyright


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