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re SALE OF TELSTRA  posted 13 September 2005

Questions unanswered  in the week the PM wants members to vote on it. If YOU  know the answers, perhaps you might like to send US a note –

 None of our representatives have !



1. . One of the best modern day practical economists showed  in fine detail  in “The Modern Industrial Estate” (Galbraith ) that apparent oligopolies were anything but reliable competition partners .Reference to the ACCC is often little more than  a  cruel joke  to those of us with real world, big picture , economic focus -


2. The TELCO assets, unlike something like banks with buildings with salable firesale assets, are indeed fixed assets worth a lot of money to the owner,  as they will not be ever duplicated .Stating the real depreciation issues is not hard.

Why is the govt afraid to tell us these basics ?

3. Optus’s  messy city centric  solutions are not important , wasteful and duplicate resources as do some mobile services. DUPLICATION is not efficient is it ?

4. The only legitimacy for sale seems to be the possible obsolescence  of current cabling and switching gear . However no tech head I know disagrees with the idea that every fibre and copper wire will VERY easily earn its keep over the next twenty years.  

5. The cringe mentality is alive and well in our country . Polys listen when the advisor comes from overseas but not from the bush –
well, if we are being too simple tell us “that all the copper and optic fibre networks will be obsolete in 10 yr  making the sale at least a little rational ) That’s a simple enough statement  to convince most of us-- isn’t it? Treat us like you want to treated – with respect

4 Making money while the assets is used a trading football between owners is less than responsible . If Aussies benefit they get a packet for doing nothing ! If USA share traders get it , we still lose control for years ( SBS program on Frontline )

5. The SBS program on current taxation rorts out of the US ( 3pm wed last week ) run with foreign assets explains a lot about the real gambles that could be going on and driving the high price –– the returns to capital must be known ( tell me scenario 1 – most likely ) Its not rocket science !

6. Responsible investors like Smorgans do not expose themselves overly to the share market or understate the dangers to mum and dad investors from “ playing with it “ . IS THE PM  really representing the interests of Mum and dad investors ?

7. The responses I have received are plain chanting and drivel - blind faith in competition and share market trading trivia.

16 . Churchill’s quote on the efficiency of democracy


SUMMARY I have never received a decent answer from any politician to the above questions and I have spent far too many hours seeking it .

Do you get the same sort of trashable and predictably doctrinal  stuff  when YOU ask questions?


If not send me something or a site name PLEASE