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What to experience?

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-Wettest place in Victoria

-Festivals, food , Rugged coast

- Twelve apostles

What to listen to ? 

-Otway FM  104.7


New National Park.

Some Options(1-5)

O1 Add bits

O2 Link1 Southern

O3 Link2 Southern

O4 some Water catchments

O5 Most catchments

More on Parks ,Reserves and Conservation

-Existing diversity  D1,D2,D3

-Future Directions  


-What is fanaticsm and why is so common ?


Earthnews on line




When it does rain … pours       

Never fear….. it rains here . Two types of rainfall events are common in the Otways . Orography ( the elevation and the slope) makes them both happen . More of easterly southerly and southwesterlies after the election when all the panic about  disaster has died down. see notes posted on otwaysonline and

The sketch shows the effect of a predictable but not well known rainfall pattern in November 1995  . 2006 has not been not been normal , Infact the drought affecting southern Victoria has been the worst on record .  







Watch this space for more News on what’s happening in the Otways .