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Esp labeling

  1. Join a blog or make your own . esp local networks  get plenty of good info and publish  the BEST on a blog ( good on you BLOGGER!)
  2. Promote consumer choice system that works – color coding  Bright Green for Australian
  3. Don’t rely on farmers groups – farmers are too busy trying to make a living . start your own groups
  4. Start your own groups do somethingsimple  ask people to ask their favourite chip shop gets its spuds . Soon the whole country will know
  5. Enjoy CHOICE   eg FAT chips are better for YOU .  


Your Choice – better Chips, better health,  better Country

1.      LABELLING with COLOR CODE  . Labelling  is a good idea , BUT make it easy !!!!. Maybe use bright green paper as a background color code ie  green for fresh  Australian . ( mandatory) That way its KISS  and don’t need to worry about symbols or codes just use green paper backing and ask supermarkets s to standardize around it

2.      START Consumer choice groups.

3.      How’s this for starters ( Happened in our own town when we did our homework )

a.       The best chip shop in town uses  local varieties which cook well but are not long in shape( French fry variety)  but chip better than many . That is , They are the more traditional round ones . not from NZ 

b.      This shop cooks em so well that nearly all shops in town plus nearby coastal ones  NOW  use his supplier ( MARVEL only use Australian ) .The shops  didn’t do this before !

c.       A local consumer group  can like others,  promote the facts

d.      The local promotion is  “fat chips =less fat “

e.        Local chip shops here are very competitive and very good ----not only that

f.        The fat chips are far better for you . ( that is French fries may be on the way out in some quarters)


----Try em out next time you are in town

----Ask your favorite chip shop  - where do your spuds come from?-----local ?  even what variety ?




BACKGROUND –THE POTATO   Southern Australia only .  Cool climate vegetable .

This info is not complete . please advise us of any errors



Fried  .The long smooth shape , low blemish varieties increasingly chosen to get long chips and reduce wastage .


Boiled  .Established Vic varieties compete  very well in this niche providing competitive offers in market place . Varieties like Sequoia which are good for both chips and boiling have an advantage as consumers not well educated and may be easily disappointed with a variety they use for wrong thing .  Another reason to push for BETTER LABELLING


Secondary industry – The processors

Simplot (40%) and Mc Cains 55% are main processors - Small suppliers  in Victoria   Marvel   Readymeals  Hallam