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The Environment and Health care -class acts or crass simplicities?    See MDA (ABCTV) for details


FESTER Forum for Encouraging Sound Training in Economic Responsibility.


Competency led agenda Environmental planning (EP) in the 90’s has some dangerously infected wounds. As uncontrolled growth areas, many of those wounds will continue to undermine the health of players and their capital resources- if steps are not taken to reduce infection and further unnecessary injury.

Background For years, many experienced players of the EP game have observed that environmental planning discourses are too greatly influenced by people who have little competency in managing the broad questions. This failure and waste rightly upsets players who have proper ownership of the land or its resources. While this lack of competence is often self evident “truth” to one side about the other, the recognition that both sides, and the judiciary, continue to have limited training, experience and credibility is still news to most. Forget the critics, we all could do with some more training! The problem? There are more spectators and newcomers trying to organise the game than is responsible. The players need to be given back control of the game, before the game itself becomes more of a joke than a serious issue.


FESTER is a newsletter forum for players (however inexperienced) who want to encourage responsible involvement and training in environmental planning issues. Aims: (some key ones in the environmental planning area) · To identify where improvements can be made in the process of efficient decision making . · To encourage discussion about the nature of responsible dialogue, and when its not occurring. · To stimulate discussion about “tradesman-like use of the tools”. cf hobby use · To identify training needs and opportunities for specialist skills and objective study. Risks Trying to hold the tension is not easy, especially when the majority of citizens may be fairly passionately barracking for one side or another. In addition, you are asking the majority to butt out of changing the rules ( at least a bit) because their experience and skill is inadequate to understand many key competencies. Proper training of the players will, hopefully, overcome much of the frustration in the stadium at the present time. ( see “Players Rule OK”) The question? Do we want a mediocre mess or a world class effort? Invitation We would value your support, experience and your voice.. EP is a crucial game for our children’s future, so I hope you’ll make a contribution. Please register your email address ..              By John Modra


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