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 Recognising Conservation Culture

             This list is not complete.  Nor does it aim to suggest the parts will define the whole


What is it

  • Uses the Precautionary principle 2  Recognizes the high risk of short term gain and long term pain with those who rush in to solve complex problems.
  • Not impatient to change direction, but always willing to learn . Because the knowledge of cycles takes time and lots of study, CC can only afford to respect the voice of experience and extensive engagement.
  • Can predict the future and act to avoid damage . CC has some idea of what is coming in the future ( droughts and floods) and how to manage that future.
  • Its very efficient CC does what it does economically and efficiently and without the “constant injections”;
  • Stable because , if its working well , its cyclical . CC is neither a dependant culture, nor a visionless day to day wasteful one like the drug takers culture now so much more common in government circles . The advocates of such culture prefer to talk up the “innovative angle “as justification for their often careless and blind experimentation and modeling . see  risk of GPBI
  • Can be tested and observed . CC works effectively for very long periods with limited resources and without damaging those resources..


  • Is practiced on a daily basis by country people. Who then are their friends and critics? See CA 102 for qualifications
  • Whenever an activity has been carried out regularly and productively for decades and centuries. 
  • Like family, its custodians are those with training, commitment and experience.
  • Risk and orientated and confident . Its confidence about real threats is not common in politics where anticipation is not always evident and quick fix is the norm . Fractured experience of constant change outside stable ecosytems undermines confidence, rather than builds it .   

How   ( some questions)

  • Can we then trust farmers and other custodians to do the right thing ?

Of course not  see New Imperatives for government

·       How then does the community support CC? – Training students of environment and friends of custodians . The hardest jobs take consistent effort ,…… not consistent change

·       What form should CC take ?  Regional support,  not recipes .Use well known health care models. The diversity of ecosystems require a diversity of solutions.  Act local, then you can think global .All effective solutions build from effective practice and process at the local level .


Ditch disaster and danger, as decision making times

What communities need in the face of doom and gloom is the voice of objective reason. The big question is – is your government building that in regional areas or destroying it ?


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