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Battleground –Current issue

Sheepish myopic behavior ……………… and just who are we talking about here                        ©                       

War hasn't be declared but , Well trained professionals in health care people are rightly outraged!


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Emperor’s Academy is no soft touch training institute. Watch out and watch us .





“All it takes for evil to prosper is for good Samaritans  to solve someone  else’s problems in 60 minutes  Courtsage


Its great that people care enough to question whether what we do, or what industry does on our behalf ( see BBBmyth) , is being careful with beings that feel hurt in our world’ .  That not the issue though.

Our emotion as audience, however get us to alienate the very persons that are closest to the situation, and are able to minimize suffering . What we feel is right can be wrong ( maladaptive trends Toward 2000 Telecom report). The sheep, or for that matter ,any animals, on the farm can all run over a cliff in ignorance . The audience is at risk of responding, not well, but to quick fix . The media and politics can be compliant to such nonsense . Edicts

This is clearly the reason why the quick fix responses to close down the wether sheep trade are irresponsible and wrong. Same with so many pieces of highly reactionary political activity  see Nannyism .

Its certainly not wrong for the protesters to exercise their rights, but it is wrong to apply a quick fix band aid that won’t work and alienates people who can care for the animals ( wherever they are) . Rights of custodianship must be reinforced , not hastily and wrongly removedI


I personally believe the majority of professionals (Cf HWorth as reported) who say there is every endocrine chance those wethers have  never felt better--sitting in clover they can now get into their mouths .  Again, not the main issue here.


Real big picture damage of quick fix  . In our haste to try to deal with suffering in our world, or for whatever reason ,we can  become so ideologically heavenly minded that we are no earthly use . ( not much chance here in dreamworld) 


Best Intention is not enough  (BImyth) The greatest evil can be done in the name of the best intention (B Shaw) and even Attenborough is concerned that our caring is out of balance with the real issues ( Enough rope )

Real caring in the real world where predation exists is no simple matter – one where we can “idealistically “deny reality for the sake of principles that don’t work . So why care at all Is our idealism wrong ? No never . cuttingedgecaring

And if guilt is driving us to act,…. that too is wrong


Lets be practical ad effective about this, because true caring is both.    Not one of us can care responsibly for more than a few things close to us . The effective tradition of caring in our culture ( one that maximizing choice and involvement is one that takes  the reality of suffering seriously , and seeks to redeem it by being responsible for the few things in our control. When it comes to a strategy for dealing with the mammoth problem of suffering, we don’t have much power ourselves- which partly explains the temptation to fanaticsm in all of us who care . Fanaticism doesn’t help solve real choice issue –true Jericho road caring does. Fanaticism just gets media attention and ,most importantly, it also quietly denies others from exercising their rights of care .  In acting out the parable of the good Samaritan ( ourcultural heritage) we have build a basis for accountable caring that works, and is responsible .  If everyone did there job of just looking after their territory , our world would be  a an even more amazingly beautiful place . Don’t let fear and projection ruin all of our lives and destroy the real basis for responsible caring .  


The protester and idealist aren’t wrong to question , but onlookers and big mouth politicians and media who deny vets ,shipowners and producers their  right to exercise their right to care are .( even just by their “ got to move on attitude”)  Its too easy to solve problems in someone eIses backyard.( The nimby epidemic ) In our culture, we used to be considered innocent until proven guilty . That was our way and we now threaten it by trial by media. (ABCculturewatch)


Exercise your right as, whoever,  but clearly not as a sheep, to protest, and stop trial by media especially when it done in the name of the best intention. Post an item/email  on Blogs or cuttingedgecareABCculturewatchGoogle searchengine


PS E Burkes famous words “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing” might be adjusted to add “good Samaritans to solve someone  else’s problems in 60 minutes”.



Conciliation – where is the government when you really need them

Who knows who is right or don’t such people exist to call the truce?  Why so many battles ( see below) and no end in sight !   Join  Fester


Government  confusion?

While the governments can’t seem to sort in out the media have a field day and industry again lose livelihoods and lives .  see issues below OUR RESPONSE

We think its outrageous , not that there is a war,  but that the government don’t seem to able to sort it ! Confusion and incompetence reign supreme. see Imperatives  list


Does any of it make sense ?    real sustainable sense !

Will the grand vision activists ever be happy? More importantly will their ideas work?



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